Biden to Sign Executive Order to Ration Meat, Gas, Electricity

President Joe Biden is about to sign an executive order that will declare a “climate emergency” and grant the Democrat president sweeping new powers to enforce rations, lockdowns, and other tyrannical measures.

Biden is moving to crack down on public freedoms in order to “save the planet” from “global warming,” according to insiders.

According to the Heartland Institute, who revealed that Biden is preparing to declare the “climate emergency,” the executive order will see “gas rationing, restrictions on electricity use, and limits on air travel.”

The EO will also place limits on meat and dairy consumption in order to meet the “Net Zero” goals of the globalist green agenda.

The Heartland Institute says insiders have revealed that the Biden administration has been working with the UN to prepare for the authoritarian restrictions.

Amid the behind-the-scenes preparations, the UN’s website has just been updated with a new “climate emergency” page.

“The science is clear,” the UN website states.

“The world is in a state of climate emergency, and we need to shift into emergency gear.

“Humanity’s burning of fossil fuels has emitted enough greenhouse gases (GHGs) to significantly alter the composition of the atmosphere and average world temperature has risen between 1.1 and 1.2°C.

“And for every degree in rising temperatures, the cost of adaptation will rise exponentially.

“GHG emission must peak now yet the gap between ambition and action is growing.

“We have the solutions we need and many will reduce emissions, contribute to climate adaptation, create jobs, restore the natural environment, and encourage good investments.”

The news comes as the corporate media has been ramping up reports on recent heatwaves by linking the hot weather to “climate change.”

In a recent interview with the Weather Channel, Biden let slip that the federal government is “preparing the military” to “deal with the climate stuff.”

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The president then falsely claimed he had declared a “climate emergency” as he casually brushed a bug off of the reporter’s chest.

When Biden recently claimed that he’s “already” declared a climate emergency, it wasn’t true, or the plan wasn’t public knowledge at least, as Slay News reported.

However, many believe that the new temperature numbers, which were issued on August 15 by NOAA, may be all the justification Biden needs.

The “melting in Antarctica and the supposed subsequent sea level rise” will be another, and the Maui wildfires will be cited as yet another, according to the Heartland Institute.

Biden could be planning to declare a “climate emergency” shortly after the NOAA data is released, possibly as early as this week, the organization suggests.

The president has also come under mounting pressure from the Democrats and their allies in the corporate media to make such a declaration.

Radical Democrat Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) took to social media on Friday to deceitfully blame the wildfires in Hawaii on an alleged “climate crisis.”

In an alarmist post on Twitter, Bush used fearmongering tactics to advance her socialist green agenda by claiming that the so-called “climate crisis is here” and is “killing people.”

“My heart breaks hearing of the devastation in Maui,” Bush tweeted while sharing a post from NBC News on the fires.

“The climate crisis is here and its [sic] killing people,” she falsely claimed.

“It’s time for @POTUS to declare a climate emergency,” Bush added.

Other Democrat lawmakers also pushed fearmongering climate alarmism while commenting on the fires.

“Heartbreaking fires in Hawaii!” Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR) posted.

“Scientists are clear that climate chaos wreaking havoc on ecosystems everywhere is the new norm,” he falsely alleged.

“We need to take action immediately or else it will get even worse.”

“My prayers are with all impacted by the devastating wildfires in Maui,” Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) tweeted.

“#CA12 & the rest of the country stand ready to assist in the recovery.

“The climate is in crisis, and it’s not up for debate.

“We must declare a climate emergency & act before more lives are lost.”

The Democratic National Committee shared a video that featured a split screen showing fires on one side and Republican figures on the other side making comments that go against climate alarmist ideology.

The clip included President Donald Trump disputing “global warming” claims and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis saying that he opposes politicizing the weather.

“Another horrific disaster made catastrophically worse because of climate change,” the text of the Democrats’ post read.

“And Republicans are still denying the climate crisis.”

Dozens more Democrats and environmental groups have also been aggressively pushing the idea.

About 60 congressional Democrats recently backed legislation known as the “Climate Emergency Act of 2021.”

The bill, sponsored by Democrat Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), would require the Biden admin to make a climate-related emergency declaration.

A number of corporate media outlets, including the Los Angeles Times, have floated proposals such as purposefully implementing “blackouts” to “help solve climate change.”

An article published last week by British left-wing newspaper The Guardian calls on the Biden admin to “declare a climate emergency” and states that it “must do so now.”

The Heartland Institute isn’t the only group warning of a looming climate emergency declaration either.

Several energy industry insiders warned earlier this month that Biden’s administration is preparing to declare a “climate emergency” with Covid pandemic-like restrictions on public freedoms.

Energy industry groups fear the Biden White House is planning to declare a pandemic-like emergency that will grant the president sweeping new powers.

“They’re leaning to that direction,” U.S. Oil and Gas Association President Tim Stewart told Just the News.

“If you grant the president’s emergency powers to declare a climate emergency, it’s just like Covid.”

A “climate emergency” declaration could give Biden and the Democrats “vast and unchecked authority to shut down everything from communications to infrastructure,” warns Stewart.

“They can literally do exactly what they did in Covid,” Stewart said.

“If you disagree with the climate emergency, [speech] can be shut down.

“We really need to be paying attention to that because that power could be extended indefinitely until the ‘climate emergency’ is over.

“Who knows how long that would last.”

The warnings come after a video emerged of World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab’s daughter gloating that “climate lockdowns” are coming.

Nicole Schwab said during a WEF panel discussion that tyrannical restrictions during the Covid pandemic served as a precursor to coming “climate lockdowns.”

According to Nicole Schwab, Covid was a “tremendous opportunity” to test how the public would comply with authoritarian measures that could be used to usher in the WEF’s “Great Reset” agenda.

The WEF’s promotion of the “climate crisis” narrative seeks to “create a change that is not incremental…to position nature at the core of the economy,” according to the younger Schwab.

By Hunter Fielding
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10 months ago

Criminally corrupt illegitimate PED0 scumbag Joe Biden is H0M0BAMA’s third term and both should be executed. Shot in the face on the white house lawn on camera. That will do more to save this world than anything. These Marxist filth threaten all in this world.

William G Munson
William G Munson
10 months ago

The Bible says in the End We will not be able to Buy or Sell unless you have the Mark of the BEAST which some may have with the Vaccine Mandates and here the Rogue Illegal President doing just what the Bible is saying to limits to what you can buy of sell if he does that how will you sell your Beef and you will not be able to keep feeding them either and maybe your Electricity cut off too What get the Dummie out Now

10 months ago

If you didn’t learn from the “previous” scam, wake up, do not comply NOW

W Fraser
W Fraser
10 months ago

Keep your powder dry!

10 months ago

The only scam I see happening, happens every time that demented a-hole opens his claptrap.

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