Biden Officially Declared the WORST in U.S History

President Joe Biden has established a significant milestone, albeit not a favorable one that he, his administration, or his campaign can take pride in.

As per Gallup, Biden’s current approval rating is at an unprecedentedly low level of 38.7 percent during this stage of a president’s initial term.

This marks the lowest point in the history of the nation since the polling firm began conducting its surveys, as reported by the Washington Times.

“None of the other nine presidents elected to their first term since Dwight Eisenhower had a lower 13th-quarter average than Biden,” Gallup said, referring to the period between Jan. 20 and April 19.

“From a broader historical perspective, Biden’s most recent quarterly average ranks 277th out of 314 presidential quarters in Gallup records dating to 1945.

“That puts it in the bottom 12% of all presidential quarters.”

Following Gallup’s data, The Times reported that during the same period in their presidencies, former President George H.W. Bush holds the second-lowest rating at 41.8%, followed by former Presidents Obama at 45.9% and Trump at 46.8%.

In October, President Biden’s approval rating suffered a blow after a brutal attack by the Hamas terrorist organization on Israel.

Surprisingly, the decline in his popularity mainly came from Democratic voters who were dissatisfied with his stance on Israel post-attack.

A recent Pew Research report revealed a shift in support among Catholics in the U.S. towards former President Donald Trump and away from Biden.

In a direct comparison between the two candidates, 55% of Catholics now support or lean towards supporting former President Donald Trump, while only 45% support Biden.

This marks a significant change in Trump’s support since 2020 when he had a slight lead of 50% to 49%.

Biden currently leads among Hispanic Catholics, with 49% supporting him and 47% supporting Trump.

Nonetheless, this still signifies a notable shift towards the right for this demographic, as a similar poll in 2020 showed that 67% of Hispanic Catholics favored Biden over Trump.

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Protestants, on the other hand, overwhelmingly supported Trump, with around 60% backing him and only about 38% leaning towards Biden, as per Fox News.

Atheists, agnostics, and the religiously unaffiliated showed strong support for Biden, with approximately 69% indicating they would support the Democratic incumbent, while only 28% expressed support for Trump.

Despite his attempts to present himself as a devout Catholic, Biden’s endorsement of policies conflicting with Catholic Church teachings, such as pro-choice deregulation and affirmation of gender ideology, has faced resistance from Catholic leaders.

Cardinal Wilton Gregory of Washington, D.C., previously called Biden a “Caféteria Catholic,” saying he “picks and chooses dimensions of the faith to highlight while ignoring or even contradicting other parts.”

By Trent Walker

Trent Walker has over ten years experience as an undercover reporter, focusing on politics, corruption, crime, and deep state exposés.

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13 days ago

Joe isn’t our president! He represents the successful infiltration of Communist/Globalist destruction to America!
Life has become a pitiful mess, all because we accepted an election we knew to be rigged…because Republicans couldn’t handle the name-calling from the Radical Left!
My prediction: Joe won’t be the candidate in 2024. It’s all a head-fake!
The Commies won’t allow their loss of power! The Left knows no limits. If they believe it’s impossible to cheat again, they will CANCEL THE 2024 election due to another hoax, OR they will eliminate the competitor!
Don’t think for a minute that they have any scruples at all. Communism has murdered many! The end justifies the means…according to their ideology.

~ Occams
~ Occams
13 days ago

Anyone here betting he ‘wins’ again in a come-from-behind, last-minute victory?

BE ready to IMMEDIATELY express your anger on your keyboard!

13 days ago

Guess this headline moves obama in second now…

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