Biden Impeachment Hearing Goes Off the Rails When Witness Calls Out Democrats by Name as ‘Liars’

The Biden impeachment hearing on Wednesday went ‘off the rails’ when former Hunter Biden business associate and now whistleblower called out Democrats by name as liars during his Congressional testimony.

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) and Rep. Daniel Goldman (D-NY) were called out by name by Mr. Bobulinksi prompting disruption and an inquiry into whether a witness can call out Democratic Party members as liars.

“They continue to lie directly to the American people without hesitation and remorse,” Bobulinski said. “Rep. Dan Goldman and Jamie Raskin, both lawyers. and Mr. Goldman, a former prosecutor with the SDNY from New York, will continue to lie today in this hearing and then go straight to the media to tell more lies. ”

“Hunter Biden’s defense attorney Abbe Lowell weaponizes his letters to Congress to try to smear my name,” he continued. “Mr. Chairman, let me state the cold hard facts…”

“Mr. Chairman,” Raskin spoke up.

“In an attempt to save his powerfully connected client and his father, I challenged Mr. Lowell to make those claims on national television so he can be held accountable for his lies,” Bobulinski went on. “Prior to my successful business career, I was an officer in the United States Navy at Navy’s Elite Naval Nuclear Power Training Command. I later served as the command’s Chief Technology Officer…”

The hearing devolved into a discussion about whether or not Bobulinski was allowed to effectively call Democratic congressmen ‘liars.’

“Well, Mr. Chairman, save his time, but he called members of this committee ‘liars’ and I just want to know whether the order and decorum requirements of House Rule 11 apply to witnesses appearing before the committee. Does it apply or does it not?” Raskin asked.

“There’s decorum from the members. We’ve asked for that. There’s no language that I’m aware of pertaining to a witness,” House Oversight Chairman James Comer (R-KY) correctly pointed out. “Thank you.”

“So…make sure we didn’t waste any of his time on the opening statement. Mr. Bobulinski, I’m sorry for the disruption. Please continue your opening statement,” Comer went on.

More importantly, Bobulinski laid out more damning evidence of Biden family influence-peddling with the knowledge and assistance of former vice president Joe Biden and current president Joe Biden.

Another witness and former Hunter Biden associated, Jason Galanis, corroborated Bobulinski’s testimony that points to the Biden family selling political influence to foreign actors.

“Mr. Zhao was interested in this partnership because of the game-changing value added of the Biden family, including Joe Biden, who was to be a member of the Burnham-Harvest team post-vice presidency, providing political access in the United States and around the world.”

As reported by Just the News, this directly answers outstanding questions about the Biden family foreign-influence scheme.

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“Emails obtained by Just the News earlier this month show a Chinese businessman who partnered with Hunter Biden’s Burnham firm was primarily motivated by access rather than financial consideration. This is bolstered by the closed door testimony by Galanis, who told the committee. ‘The entire value-add of Hunter Biden to our business was his family name and his access to his father, Vice President Joe Biden’.”

“The emails show Henry Zhao—owner of Harvest Fund Management, which would partner with Burnham and Hunter Biden—was interested in the partnership because of the ‘access’ the firm could provide him the political family,” the report noted.

“[During] yesterday’s meeting Hunter underlined the value of being cautiously conservative in valuation as Henry believes in this first and foremost as an access vehicle with potential for future growth,” an employee wrote in an email.

“In late February, impeachment witness Jason Galanis—one of Hunter Biden’s partners in the Burnham venture—told Congress the firm served as a place to integrate the ‘Biden Family Office’ with a ‘large-scale financial company’ to this end,” the report added.

House Oversight Chairman James Comer has been persistent in demanding to know what the Biden family was offering as a product or service in exchange for millions of dollars from foreign actors hostile to the interests of the American people.

By Melinda Davies
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