Biden Hit With Brutal Fact Check Over Blatant Lies

When a prominent Democrat loses the support of CNN, it serves as a clear indication that they are facing significant challenges.

It is no secret that questions regarding President Joe Biden’s age and mental sharpness have been circulating for quite some time. However, even the President himself must acknowledge the gravity of the situation after CNN’s fact check highlighted “three false claims” made by him during Thursday night’s news conference. This conference, which even the left-leaning Axios referred to as a “presidential debacle,” has undoubtedly left Biden in a precarious position.

CNN reported that Biden vehemently disputed Hur’s characterization of his declining memory, but then proceeded to make multiple inaccuracies during the media event. This implies that if we are to believe his assertion that his memory is intact, then the President is deliberately lying. Furthermore, he is not even skilled at it. According to CNN’s assessment, Biden made at least three significant false claims on Thursday. These included statements about the nature of the information stored at his residence, how it was stored, and the classified information he shared with the ghostwriter of his 2017 book, “Promise Me, Dad.”

During the news conference, when a reporter mentioned Hur’s report that Biden had indeed shared classified information with Mark Zwonitzer, the ghostwriter, the President vehemently denied it, stating that he could “guarantee” he had not done so.

“No, they did not say that,” Biden claimed. “He did not say that.”

The problem is, he absolutely DID say that.

“Hur did say that,” CNN confirmed, writing explicitly that ‘Mr. Biden shared information, including some classified information, from those notebooks with his ghostwriter.’ He elaborated that Biden shared classified information with his ghostwriter by reading ‘nearly verbatim’ from his notebooks ‘on at least three occasions,’ including his ‘notes from meetings in the Situation Room.’

Hur acknowledged in his report that Biden had, at times, disclosed certain information while withholding other classified material that he was aware of. It is also possible that in certain instances, Biden was unaware that the material in question was classified. The inclusion of this material in the book is currently unknown, as there have been no allegations suggesting so, according to Hur’s statement reported by CNN.

Biden also claimed that everything that was found at his house had been “in filing cabinets that were either locked or able to be locked,” according to the outlet…

…But it wasn’t.

“The special counsel’s report says that while some of the classified documents were found in cabinet drawers in Biden’s Delaware home, other classified documents, about Afghanistan, were found in an ‘unsealed’ and ‘badly damaged’ box sitting in his garage alongside an assortment of other items the special counsel described as ‘household detritus,’” CNN said in refutation of Biden’s false claim. “The report includes a photo of the box.”

Additional documents were discovered in unlocked drawers located in both the office and basement den of Biden’s residence, as stated in Hur’s report referenced by the source.

In conclusion, Biden asserted that he solely possessed materials that had been classified with lower levels of sensitivity.

However, this again was proven to be false.

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“Hur reported the discovery of documents in Biden’s possession that had markings identifying them as ‘Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information,’ a very high level of classification — plus handwritten notebooks from Biden’s time as vice president that weren’t marked as classified but that ‘contain information that remains classified up to the Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information level,’” CNN reported.

“The unauthorized disclosure of this information, both today and in 2017 when Mr. Biden was no longer vice president, reasonably could be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security,” Hur wrote in his report.

By Trent Walker

Trent Walker has over ten years experience as an undercover reporter, focusing on politics, corruption, crime, and deep state exposés.

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