BALTIMORE BRIDGE COLLAPSE UPDATE: Maryland Governor Wes Moore Says ‘There Is Nothing We Will Not Do’ on Recovery Efforts

Maryland Governor Wes Moore delivered an update Thursday evening regarding the ongoing recovery efforts following the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, emphasizing that there is a “long road ahead.”

Standing alongside Democratic Senators Ben Cardin and Chris Van Hollen, as well as Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott, Moore asserted, “There is nothing we will not do” to ensure a swift and proper conclusion.

The Democratic governor expressed gratitude to the Biden administration for approving his request for $60 million in federal aid to kickstart recovery efforts.

Gov. Moore said it was imperative to clear the channel and open vessel traffic to the port because “the health of the Maryland economy and the national economy depends on it.”

“We need to take care of all the people who have been affected by this crisis. And that means the families of the workers. That means businesses. That means the first responders. That means everybody,” Moore stated.

Eight construction workers, all hailing from Central America, fell into the water when the Dali, a container ship flying the Singaporean flag, collided with the bridge, resulting in its collapse. Two workers were rescued immediately following the incident. Divers have since retrieved the bodies of two additional workers, while the remaining four are presumed dead.

For those whose jobs have been affected, Moore announced that the Maryland Department of Labor has launched a hotline to assist with unemployment insurance claims.

On Wednesday morning, Moore and his team traveled to the site of the wreckage to personally assess the disaster.

“You’ve had the chance to see the wreckage from far away. Yesterday, we had a chance to see it up close,” Moore said.

He highlighted the complexities of the operation, noting that divers “cannot see any more than a foot or two in front of them” because the water is so dark and the debris is so dense.

“I want to be clear, this work will not take hours. This work will not take days. This work will not just take weeks,” the governor said. “We have a very long road ahead of us.”

The unexpected closure of a major highway, typically frequented by 30,000 vehicles daily, along with disruptions at the port, is set to have far-reaching consequences. Not only will thousands of dockworkers and commuters be affected, but also American consumers, who are likely to face shipping delays and subsequent impacts.

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Moore announced that the Army Corps is moving the largest crane on the Eastern Seaboard, scheduled to arrive Thursday evening to assist in removing debris and wreckage from the port.

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By Hunter Fielding
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