Australian Senator Exposes ‘Evil’ WEF’s War on Food

A top Australian senator has gone on the record and delivered a powerful whistleblowing statement before his nation’s Senate to expose the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) global war on food.

Senator Malcolm Roberts bravely stood before the Australian Parliament and exposed the WEF’s “evil agenda.”

Roberts told his fellow lawmakers that the WEF is waging war on the global food supply.

He raised the alarm by warning that the unelected globalist organization’s attacks on the farming industry are only the beginning of the WEF’s “campaign” to seize control of the food supply.

Roberts revealed that the WEF seeks to eliminate individual stakeholders, such as farmers, in the food chain so that a handful of globalist elites can control the food supply for the entire human race.

“The WEF have now turned their evil agenda to food,” Roberts warned in a statement on the Senate floor.

“The campaign against farming is really a campaign against one of the necessities of life—food.”

Roberts continues by courageously exposing the WEF’s “Great Reset” agenda.

He explains that the “Great Reset” is focused on enslaving humanity and that control of the food supply is central to this agenda.

“Who controls the food supply controls the people,” Roberts stated.

“Who controls the energy can control whole continents.

“Who controls money can control the world.

“The World Economic Forum—and the predatory billionaires they represent—are currently trying to do all three.”


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Roberts has also previously raised the alarm about Covid mRNA vaccines.

In a speech before teh Senate last year, Roberts warned that the injections are a “depopulation tool” of the WEF.


By Hunter Fielding
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J West
J West
4 months ago

This is just another method of depopulating the planet. With killer vaccines, and man-made diseases, fabricated wars, and now, starvation …

4 months ago

Give them a taste of their own medicine. Remove them from existence. Do it without delay.

4 months ago

The Psychos at the WEF have now made it a matter of survival that we kill these WEF lunatics in self defense..One has to wonder why Putin hasn’t blasted these psychopaths with Kalibr missiles when these lunatics’ are scheming to murder billions of people at their Davos meeting of loonies…Does Putin work for them too?

4 months ago

The longer that UN building in New York isn’t torched and the unelected pedos not burned down with it and turned into ash, the more they will try to Holodomor us..It isn’t rocket science.. they are demonic psychopaths that won’t leave us the hell alone. And any cop that protects these demons who are trying to kill us need to be killed too.If cops are protecting those psychopaths then they are not obeying the Constitution and need to be removed by any means necessary

Last edited 4 months ago by revo
3 months ago

So, what if anything happened after this?????

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