Arson Attacks Destroy Multiple Christian Churches Across Canada

Another Canadian Christian church has just been destroyed by a massive fire as a series of arson attacks continues to rip through the country.

At about 10:30 p.m. on December 15th, the Wood Buffalo RCMP arrived at the St. Gabriel Catholic Church in Janvier Alberta — about 120 kilometers south of Fort McMurray —  where the church was fully engulfed in flames.

Police say witnesses reported a silver sedan driving away from the church at the time of the fire.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation by the RCMP.

However, investigators believe the fire could is the result of arson.

In a video released on Facebook, councilor Shane Janvier of the Chipewyan Prairie Dene First Nation said the fire was a result of arson.

“We’re treaty Indians here that belong to this nation, this band, this community,” Janvier said.

“If we’re going to make statements that this is our land, we’re going to fight for this land, then we’d better damn well learn to respect this land.”

Janvier expressed his frustration with the incident, saying that the church was home to several of the community’s baptisms, weddings, and funerals.

“Enough is enough,” he said.

Bishop Gary Franken of the Roman Catholic Diocese of St. Paul said the church that was burned was an older one that had already been replaced, which stands nearby.

Franken indicated the new church was undamaged.

“There was some talk about using the former church as a museum, but no decision was finalized about that,” Franken said.

“These church buildings belong to the First Nations band that they are on,” explained Franken.

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Franken further stated that his Diocese of St. Paul provides the ministry to the community by having a priest come from Fort McMurray to provide Mass once a month.

More churches across Canada have been destroyed or damaged by fires that police are describing as suspicious or suspected arson.

Earlier this month, two churches near Barrhead Alberta were burned on the same day.

Both of the fires were confirmed to be a result of Arson.

Officials have reported that the arson attacks have been increasing over the past two years.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Morinville, Alberta, investigated a fire at St. Jean Baptiste Church, a 100-year-old building that went up in flames early June 30, 2021.

The fire in Morinville, about 20 miles north of Edmonton, was the result of arson, Staff Sgt. Tom Kalis told Canadian Broadcast Corp. News.

In a statement, St. Paul Bishop Paul Terrio said, “It is with a sad heart that we learn the historic parish church of Morinville burned to the ground early this morning.”

He called for “prayers and support for our brothers and sisters of Morinville parish as they grieve the loss of their very beautiful and historic parish church.”

Edmonton Archbishop Richard Smith released a video message on YouTube in which he called the news “heart-rending” and called for prayers for parishioners of St. Jean Baptiste.

He also said the archdiocese is working with parish priests and police on arson prevention protocols.

The fires occurred as news has emerged of unmarked graves at former residential schools on First Nations lands.

About 70% of the government schools were run by Catholic religious orders, which worked to assimilate the First Nations students.

A Truth and Reconciliation Commission said more than 4,000 students died while attending the residential schools, and many of the families never heard what happened to them.

First Nations leaders have condemned the fires.

Chief Clarence Louie of the Osoyoos Indian Band, who is also tribal chair and spokesman for the Okanagan Nation Alliance, told Global News that he has no doubt the fires were intentionally set.

“Obviously, it’s the same group of people,” he said.

“Why did they do it under the cover of darkness?

“Because it’s a criminal act and they are criminal.”

By Hunter Fielding
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6 months ago

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Islam continues to attack the Christian world for over 1400 years after Christianity was established peacefully in the middle east 600 years before militant and political islam was spawned from hell.

Robert Twin
Robert Twin
6 months ago
Reply to  CharlieSeattle

Christians have killed more men women and children on this earth than all the other religions put together. You better study some history.

David Smith
David Smith
6 months ago
Reply to  Robert Twin

Not true. The “religion” of atheism holds that crown.

6 months ago

The Church Members and the community need our prayers for their safety and the rebuilding of the houses of worship. God bless them and the RCMP inspectors that the arsonists will be captured and punished.
Dear friends in Canada, please vote yourselves out of the terrible government that afflicts you.

David Smith
David Smith
6 months ago

This is more likely to be the same people employed by the goverment to start forest fires.

6 months ago
Reply to  David Smith

and derail trains, and burn processing plants, and destroy pipelines, etc. I think it’s known as the CIA… possibly in conjunction with the FBI or some other anti-American fascist group.

6 months ago

Has an anti-Catholicism flair to it as in muslum, atheist, and/or communistic. One can safely exclude Catholics and Jews.

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