AOC and Jerry Nadler Try to Blame Republicans as Crowd of Angry New Yorkers Yell at Them About Migrant Mess

The five boroughs of New York City have been flooded with illegal immigrants which the voters have consistently asked for with their votes, time and time again. Of course, it’s not fair to say every New York City resident voted for this.

However, the vast majority of the city did. Yes, it’s unfortunate for the Republican voters in the city who have not yet had the means or intelligence to move out yet. However, this is definitely what the majority of the city wants. Now, the city’s residents are angry that they got what they asked for hilariously.

“Get them out!” Residents in Staten Island, New York continue to protest against migrants being sent to their borough.”



U.S. House Reps AOC and Jerry Nadler spoke today publicly. It appears to be at a hotel where city tax dollars are paying for virtually unlimited illegal immigrants to stay for free. This is basically a free life and a free vacation for anyone who shatters the sanctity of the nation’s borders.

This is what Democrats want and love as long as it doesn’t affect them directly. When it affects them directly they won’t vote differently though, because that might be racist or something, so they’ll just pitch a typical NIMBY hissy fit instead:

“JUST IN: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tries giving a press conference on the migrant crisis in Manhattan but gets absolutely drowned out by angry New Yorkers. Surprised she’s not just crying about it at the border like she did when Trump was in office. AOC, who was shouting over the protesters, tried revealing her plan to end the migrant crisis in New York City but failed miserably. The protesters, who drowned her out, screamed: “Close the border! Close the border! Close the border!””





@AOC and other democratic congress members’ press conference in New York over illegal immigration turns chaotic with people shouting “close the freaking border” and pro-immigrant groups shouting back, saying everyone in the US came from another country but they have now forgotten, and should help immigrants like themselves and their parents and grandparents rather than demonize them. WATCH”


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“ AOC and other democrats were heckled at a press conference regarding the migrant crisis in NY Protesters shouted “Close the Border” repeatedly, drowning out the speakers. This comes on the heels of NYC Mayor Adams admitting the migrant crisis could destroy the city. “I am your constituent!” a man was heard among the angry crowd. These constituents are tired of grandstanding politicians. They want solutions. Migrants play a key role in the city, but NYC can’t handle the current volume. “



Democrat politicians will never change their ways for the most part. Voters will need to wake up and elect better people fast or watch New York City descend into something that can never be fixed, tragically.

By Liam Donovan
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7 months ago

AOC, (the braying jack ash) and No Nads Nadler, are two of the worst politicos EVER…While they abused their postions to further the “Illegal Alien Invasion of America” they ignored N.Y. that has permitted the illegals to come to their “Sanctuary City” but NOW, the People of N.Y. are letting them know…THEY ARE TO BLAME AND NEED TO WORK TO SHUT DOWN OUR BORDERS, THAT DEMS SEE AS “FUTURE VOTERS”…..No Illegals should EVER be given driver’s licenses that the Corrupt Dem Party will allow to vote…voting is for U.S. Citizens…Not the World’s Illegals that Dems allowed here in the first place. These two ‘paid off politicos should be RUN OUT OF OFFICE….period!

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