Antifa Shows up to Fight Armenians after They Protest LGBT Curriculum at California City School

Armenian families showed up to protest the LGBTQIA+ curriculum and pride month at a school board meeting in Glendale, California.

Radical left wing terror group Antifa rallied its supporters to fight against those protesting the LGBTQIA+ agenda in schools.

Rogan Hadley shared a video of the altercation with:

“Antifa in Glendale, CA is learning the hard way that you don’t mess with the Armenians and especially not their kids Parents do not want their kids sexually groomed at school”

Andy Ngo covered the altercation in depth on Twitter:

“Armenians vs #Antifa: Scenes of violence erupted in Glendale, Calif. as families clashed against supporters of LGBTQIA+ curriculum in schools. @SoCalAntifa had called for reinforcements but were outnumbered by a small group of brawny Armenian-American men.”

“Breaking: Armenian-American men fight against #Antifa & far-left protesters outside the Glendale (CA) school board meeting. Immigrant families have been furious that elementary schools are doing pride events. Antifa have gathered to oppose the parents.”

.@SocalAntifa, a violent cell of #Antifa whose members have been convicted for violent conspiracy in San Diego, calls for a rematch direct action today against the Armenian & Hispanic families protesting the @GlendaleUSD school board over pride events. The Armenian Americans were particularly upset over an elementary school making a Christian cross out of BLM, pride and fetish symbols. The #trantifa protest is also being promoted by leftist congressional candidate @Maebe_A_Girl. Violent extremist Vishal Pratap Singh@VPS_Reports, who was banned for making terroristic threats, is expected to show up again.”

“One of the figures involved in rallying #Antifa to counter the immigrant families has been this trans activist/aspiring politician. She spread panic when she lied about a stabbing outside the Glendale school board meeting & is calling the Armenian-American men “Proud…”

“.@GlendalePD made three arrests at the violent protest on June 6 outside the Glendale, Calif. school board meeting. There, @SoCalAntifa members & their allies were met by mostly immigrant families who opposed LGBTQIA+ curriculum/events in elementary schools. A group of Armenian-American men fought with #Antifa before being beaten back by police.”

As LGBTQIA+ is pushed harder and hard by schools and corporations people are beginning to wake up and push back.

Many families are not okay with the LGBTQIA+ being pushed on their children. Many feel it is sexualizing children and grooming them with an ideology that conflicts with their own.

In recent years the LGBTQIA+ community has grasped for more and more influence and control over children and the public in general. Many corporations have bowed down to the LGBTQIA+ ideology celebrating and promoting it to the public.

It has come to a point where many with conservative values have had enough. Families are standing up and showing up at school board meetings to have their feelings known. Some have even filed lawsuits against a school board for pushing sexual curriculum without letting families opt out in Maryland.

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Target and Anheuser Busch have been facing boycotts as they indulge in the LGBTQIA+ agenda. Target took down some of its LGBTQIA+ merchandise but placed blame for the removal on conservatives and has attempted to label them as extremists.

Anheuser Busch played into a pro-trans promotion online and has faced harsh backlash. Anheuser Busch has moved to apologize for doing so and removed those whom they deemed to blame for the promotion, but the boycott has not stopped.

It appears that many conservatives are done placating to the LGBTQIA+ agenda which seems to many to attempt to sexualize children as early as it can.

By Hunter Fielding
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