Ana Navarro Doubles Down, Defends Joe Biden For ‘Being An Unconditionally Loving Dad’

Ana Navarro, co-host of ABC’s “The View,” doubled down yesterday after previously choking up on the show while describing Joe Biden’s relationship with “his son” Hunter Biden.

Navarro said it was okay to attack Biden as president but pleaded not to attack Biden for “being an unconditionally loving dad.”

“Like many, my family’s been hit by drug-addiction. So many sleepless nights fearing a call saying your loved one is jailed or dead,” Navarro explained in a tweet.

Navarro then claimed, “@JoeBiden like any dad, keeps his son as close as he can and shows support.”

“Attack him as POTUS, but not for being an unconditionally loving dad,” Navarro begged.

Navarro’s latest defense of Biden comes after cocaine was found at the White House and many believe that it may have belonged to Hunter.

One Trump supporter told Navarro in response, “If it were Don, Jr. who left cocaine at the White House you’d be foaming at your sewer mouth yelling for Trump to be thrown out of office!”

“If you want to talk about unconditional love why don’t you talk Joe into acknowledging Navy Biden?” she wondered.

As we previously reported, Navarro said in the clip, “The Hunter Biden story, the scandal, the this, the that, it’s also the story of a father’s love.”

“Joe Biden has never and will never give up on his son Hunter and will never treat him lesser than. He is a father first. Take it or leave it,” Navarro declared.

By Liam Donovan
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