American Actress Jane Fonda: ‘If Orange Man Is Elected, We Will Not Have a Livable Future’

Actress and activist Jane Fonda stated on Tuesday during an interview on CNN’s “The Situation Room” that if former President Donald Trump is re-elected in November, we will not have a livable future.

“The elections in November or existential really, who wins in November is going to determine whether we have a livable future. It’s as simple as that. There’s a very stark choice it’s not that I’m 100% happy with President Biden but he’s someone that we can work with, that the American people can work with,” Fonda said.

“So because I think that this election is so important, it’s existential. I decided that I was going to throw in with the campaign,” she added.

Host Wolf Blitzer then asked: “So let me follow up, Jane. Is your support for President Biden more about supporting him or stopping Donald Trump?

Fonda replied: “It’s a little of both. I’ve known Joe Biden for a long time.”

“I’m primarily a climate activist and you know, this I guess the best way that I can describe what will happen if the orange man is elected,” she added.

“As we know, because we read papers recently, he invited all the CEOs of the big oil companies to meet with him at Mar-a-Lago and he basically said, if you give me $1 billion, I will cut all the climate regulation since that you don’t like clean air, clean water,” she continued.

“All these things really protect the American people. That’s why I really want to elect Joe Biden because we’re running out of time. I have grandchildren. I won’t be around to see the worst of it, but we have to confront the climate crisis and we have to do it fast,” Fonda concluded.


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By Hunter Fielding
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29 days ago

Hanoi Jane!
I have loathed her since she smiled and straddled that North Vietnamese cannon, while pimping for the Communist effort to kill American GIs! Every Nam Vet remembers. It’s more than surprising that she’s still alive today, given her betrayal of America.
There isn’t a more despicable example of a TRAITOR! If there were justice, Jane would still be in prison, for giving aid and comfort to the enemy!

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