ALERT: U.S. Intelligence Issues Warning of Heightened Threats at Public Events Ahead of Nationwide Eclipse Viewing; FBI and Homeland Security Express Concerns Over ISIS and Lone Wolf Attacks (VIDEO)

A bulletin issued by US intelligence agencies, as per ABC News, has raised concerns about the likelihood of radical groups within the United States to respond to calls for violence by ISIS.

The warning follows a tragic incident in Moscow last month, where ISIS operatives attacked a concert hall, resulting in significant casualties.

The attack at Moscow’s Crocus City Hall on March 22nd resulted in the tragic loss of at least 144 lives, including three children, and left over 550 individuals wounded. ISIS has since claimed responsibility for the attack, labeling the venue as a “big gathering for Christians in the Russian Moscow suburb.”

ABC News has obtained a US intelligence bulletin revealing a concerning development: radical groups within the US may be motivated by recent announcements from ISIS.

Law enforcement officials are particularly concerned about the potential influence of these calls on homegrown radicals or so-called “lone wolves,” who, despite not being official members of ISIS, may be inclined to replicate the atrocities seen in Moscow.


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By Hunter Fielding
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