ALERT: Mitt Romney BETRAYS Donald Trump

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah), a two-time presidential candidate who will be retiring after his current term, has dealt a final blow to Donald Trump, the frontrunner for the 2024 GOP nomination, in their ongoing feud that began when Trump overlooked Romney for the position of secretary of state in 2016.

During a recent interview with CNN, Romney made it clear that he would strongly back President Joe Biden instead of Trump, the individual who had chosen someone else over him for the role of secretary of state.

Anchor Kaitlan Collins asked, “Would you vote for Donald Trump over Joe Biden?”

Romney said, “No, no, no, absolutely not.”

“For me, there are two factors for deciding who I want to have as the leader of my country, and the person who is the example of the president for my kids, my grandkids. One is their position and policies. And on foreign policy, I’m not aligned with Donald Trump, at least as I understand his policy and domestic policy. Yeah, I’m aligned with many of his domestic policies,” Romney continued.

“But there’s another dimension besides policy, and that’s character. And I think what America is as a nation, what has allowed us to be the most powerful nation on earth and the leader of the earth, is the character of the people who have been our leaders and past presidents. But also mothers, fathers, church leaders, university presidents, and so forth. Having a president who is so defaulted on character would have an enormous impact on the character of America. And for me, that’s the primary consideration,” Romney continued.


By Trent Walker

Trent Walker has over ten years experience as an undercover reporter, focusing on politics, corruption, crime, and deep state exposés.

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1 month ago

Trump had 4 years…none of the damage Mitt describes came true then, and won’t now. He’s just mad that Trump wouldn’t let him play! Waaaah!
(Shafting Mitt was smart!)

1 month ago

HA! HA! He’s been stabbing President Trump in the back from day one! Resign and go back to your little corner!

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