After Sweetheart Plea Deal Falls Apart, Hunter Biden Enters Not Guilty Plea

Hunter Biden has entered a not-guilty plea in relation to the criminal tax case he is currently facing. This comes in stark contrast to the planned guilty plea in exchange for a sweetheart plea deal that had been agreed to months ago.

Greg Price shared the news:

“BREAKING: Hunter Biden just pleaded NOT GUILTY to all his charges after the judge stripped away immunity from further prosecutions out of his plea deal.”

Paul Sperry revealed the judge refused to rubber-stamp the deal.

“BREAKING NEWS: NO PLEA DEAL! President’s son Hunter Biden just pleaded “NOT guilty” in Delaware court after federal judge refuses to rubber-stamp sweetheart deal, tells prosecutors and defense lawyers she can neither accept nor deny his guilty plea @ this point due to ambiguities”

Trump appointed U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika was uncomfortable with the terms of the plea deal and made it clear she needed questions answered. Earlier today she asked if Biden was still under investigation, to which his counsel confirmed he was but did not elaborate any further.

Curtis Houck shared a video from MSNBC of Tom Winters explaining what happened in court today.

“Hunter Biden pleads NOT GUILTY in a Delaware courtroom on gun and tax charges, REFUSING to accept the plea deal previously laid out by prosecutors. NBC’s Tom Winters says the judge “will not accept or reject the plea agreement” b/c “she wants more information”

CNN’s courtroom reporter relayed that the judge wasn’t comfortable issuing a “rubber stamp” on the deal and so denied to reject it or accept it.

Nick Sortor shared the video:

“BREAKING: The judge has officially REJECTED Hunter Biden’s plea agreement, calling it a “rubber stamp” Hunter has now entered pleas of NOT GUILTY for all charges, and this case will continue on.”

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre started today’s White House briefing by making a statement on Hunter’s case in Deleware. She explained in so many words she wouldn’t be answering questions about the case and that it was a “personal matter” as he is a “private citizen”. She added that the Bidens love their son and continue to support him.

With the plea deal gone, Hunter will still now have to face the gun charges and it appears he will be headed to trial to settle the federal tax case.

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By Liam Donovan
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