After Gutfeld Invited Him on Fox News Show, Ice Cube Goes on Tucker Carlson’s Twitter Show Instead, Blasts Shady Politicians

Recently Ice Cube spoke out against “elites” in positions of power. Cube previously turned down millions because he did not want the mandatory vaccine.

Fox News’s Greg Gutfeld was hoping to get Cube on his show to opine.

Cube did speak out more, but to former Fox News Star and Twitter/X reporter Tucker Carlson instead. If we had to speculate, Cube sees Carlson’s firing as a freeing move that lets him say what he wants even more than he did on Fox News.

One might even argue that it gives Carlson “street cred”, particularly since he’s allegedly defying Fox News’ requests for him to stop reporting on Twitter.

Carlson spoke to Ice Cube about a litany of topics and how politicians have let down citizens in urban areas over and over. Cube mentioned his position on the vaccine and the two seemed to get along great.

More with Cube and Carlson is to come. It’s unclear it Cube will ever go on Gutfeld. Watch the segment that would surely have been banned if posted directly to a non Musk site in our opinion:

“Ep. 10 Stay in your lane: our drive through South Central LA with Ice Cube. (next episode: Ice Cube sits down with us at his studio)”


By Liam Donovan
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11 months ago

Isn’t the importance here the fact that he spoke out against the tyranny going on in this country rather than on whose show he chose to spoke? To me, this is a fake-news piece.

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