Afghanistan Gold Star Mom Slams General Milley: “Our Brief on Our Son ‘Was Made-up Stories’”

On Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “The Story,” Cheryl Rex, whose son, Lance Corporal Dylan Merola, was killed in the Kabul airport attack in 2021 reacted to Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley saying that he believes military briefers gave all the information to the families of those killed in the bombing all the information they could by stating that the briefing on her son was completely inaccurate and “was made-up stories that they were trying to cover up the wounds.”

Host Trace Gallagher asked, [relevant exchange begins around 00:40] “I want to read this quote, because this is from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Mark Milley, he said, quoting today to Jennifer Griffin, ‘I trust the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps did the best they could in briefing the families who had loved ones killed at Abbey Gate. I believe the briefers gave every piece of information that they could.’

Do you believe that all the information was there, or do you agree with other families that it wasn’t about the information, it was about the warnings that were ignored?”

Rex answered, “Me personally, he did not — the brief report was not correct. They changed my son’s location a couple of times. They were trying to accommodate his wounds that were not even in the right spots of his body according to his autopsy report. He did not — the brief report is nothing [like] what we were actually told. I don’t believe that they had any — made-up, I feel it was made-up stories that they were trying to cover up the wounds.”


This is an excerpt from Breitbart News.

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By Hunter Fielding
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