Adam Kinzinger: ‘Trump’s Brain Is Broken’

On Wednesday’s “Newsroom,” CNN commentator Adam Kinzinger stated that former President Donald Trump’s brain was “broken.”

Host Jim Acosta began: “We’re hearing about so-called cheap fakes. It’s playing out on right-wing media, Fox, the New York Post, and so on. And all of this is to try to make the case that Biden is slipping, he’s confused, and so on. Of course, Trump is no spring chicken, and every time Trump lately seems to be talking about Biden’s mental acuity, Trump has a glitch or a slip-up himself.”

“One of the things there that he did yesterday, and it was a little bit in that clip, he was Trump was calling, cheap fakes, clean fakes. And so he’s just botching the language there. The other day he was referring to Doctor Ronny Jackson. But he said, Doctor Ronny Johnson,” he added.

Kinzinger then said: “Yeah, I mean, this look, his brain is broken.”

“The difference is, he does it more energetically. And, you know, I think it’s completely an unfair comparison, but right now, you know, Joe Biden looks a lot more low energy than Donald Trump and that’s Donald Trump’s advantage,” he continued.

“But these videos, I mean, they’re blatant lies. It used to be back in the day it would be kind of the dark corners of the internet that would put out these fake videos and then responsible people like members of Congress or in the Senate or the RNC would say ‘No, we’re not going to do that.’ They’re the ones pushing this now,” Kinzinger concluded.


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By Hunter Fielding
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1 month ago

Little Adam can’t tell the truth. Citizens are quite able to distinguish between what we hear and see and what they are trying to deny. Democrats/Liberals are incapable of accepting that. Manipulation of the truth doesn’t work on the vast majority of the voters.

1 month ago

The Hive Minds rarely deviate from their assigned talking points. Adam has never had an original thought, so we know where the “deep fake” malarkey comes from.
Since there can be no excuse for Joe being overcome by gravity so often, it was necessary for the Left to concoct this scheme. They must continue to prop up their shell of a man! They’ll use their parrot network to saturate media with their new CONSPIRACY THEORY!
D E E P F A K E S !
When the radical Left suddenly learns a new song, you know it’s a plot to push forward a new mesmerizing SYSOP by constant, relentless repetition.
They’re grasping at straws. “You have never seen Joe Biden fall down or wander aimlessly away. You will hear nothing except the sound of my voice…”
cOnSpIrAcY ThEoRy!!! From the Democrats!!
Imagine that.

Last edited 1 month ago by Damari
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