Actor Ron Perlman Announces Departure From Twitter, Will Take His ‘Business’ to Threads

Anti-Trump actor Ron Perlman yesterday announced his departure from Twitter.

Perlman made the announcement in a tweet that has been badly ratioed by responses.

“Breaking…I’m taking my business to THREADS. Haters stay the f*ck out,” Perlman declared.

In response, Twitter user Viva Frei told Perlman, “HAHAHAH!!! Have fun. Literally no one here will miss you.”

Frei pointed out, “As evidenced by the fact that your departure required an exit speech.”

Perlman previously made headlines for his response to Donald Trump’s federal indictment.

Perlman said at the time, ”Two things re: me olde pal little donnie: truly gorgeous how he’s making his reaction to the lowlife things he has done even more lowlife than the things themselves.”

“Also, is it me or is the reaction to this cataclysmic indictment just another news story? Is he finally approaching irrelevancy?” Perlman wondered.

By Liam Donovan
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Loves Dogs
Loves Dogs
10 months ago

Sounds like Ron Perlman has been drinking WAY too much Kool Air. Or maybe he is involved in something he would rather keep hidden from the public… either way I be nobody cares what he thinks on his Twitter account and they will not care about him opening a Threads account.

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