State Bill to Remove Biden from 2024 Election Ballot Filed in Missouri

A Missouri state senator is sponsoring legislation to remove President Joe Biden from the state’s election ballot.

Missouri state senator Bill Eigel’s announcement of the reprisal came on Friday night.

“In the wake of formal efforts in 33 states to remove President Donald J. Trump from the ballot, State Senator Bill Eigel will be putting forth legislation that would disqualify Biden from the ballot in Missouri,” the announcement says.

“By the Democrats’ own standard, Joe Biden should be immediately disqualified and remove from the ballot for the ‘aid and comfort’ he has given our enemies,” he remarked.

“Our country is being invaded, because Joe Biden has swung our southern border wide open,” he continued. “President Biden has allowed more than 8 million people to stroll across our border illegally, causing more harm to this country than any other president in American history.”

“My legislation exposes the absolute absurdity of Colorado’s and Maine’s decisions to remove President Donald J. Trump from the ballot,” he added. “If radical leftists continue to push lies and fairytales in an attempt to kick Trump off the ballot in their states, Republicans have no choice but to buck up and fight back — using the facts to remove Biden from the ballot before he destroys this country even further.”

“Democrats only believe in democracy when it favors them — let’s expose their double standard hypocrisy,” the statement went on. “We must stand our ground to protect the security of our nation and the sovereignty of our people.”

On Friday night, in a related development, Colorado’s Secretary of State Jena Griswold announced that Donald Trump would appear on the state ballot, as the election ballots have been certified, and the Supreme Court is adjudicating the case.

The Supreme Court will take up the cases of President Trump being removed from the ballot in Colorado and Maine and oral arguments will begin on February 8.

By Melinda Davies
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6 months ago

Bravo for Senator Eigel!
This site btw, has some of the grossest ads I’ve ever seen. Don’t know who pays your bills NewsAddicts but your taste in ads is the basest.

6 months ago

Democracy! Democracy! MOB RULE!
This is what the radical leftists occupying the Democrat Party strive for! They know we’re a Constitutional Republic, but they also know that Americans will adopt THEIR language if it’s repeated enough.
MOB RULE! The minority loses every time! The Commies in power think they can eliminate the Electoral College to establish only the “popular vote”…or, MOB RULE! And why the influx of illegals? Why are Dems so antsy to let foreigners vote…MOB RULE!
Our Founding Fathers WARNED US about the danger of democracy. We should listen!

Just me
Just me
6 months ago

To N/A:
If you are going to rewove my comments which were neither vulgar nor incorrect, then I don’t need to support you by reading your articles.

6 months ago

Imo the Democratic Party are criminal vultures that prey on the less intelligent. They promise free money on television. Then behind everyone’s back they steal at least twice that. Btw taxing corporations is just hidden taxation on the citizen. Citizens pay all the bills of every and any corporation. Only lying ,sleaze , democrats try to pass off taxing corporations as a good thing.

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