President Biden’s ‘Fixer’ Now Implicated in Hunter Biden Scandal

An obscure 83-year-old lawyer has the authority to handle all of President Joe Biden’s financial and economic issues has been tied to Hunter Biden’s questionable Chinese business transactions, according to a new report.

Mel Monzack, 83, a longtime friend of the President, has had Joe’s ‘power of attorney’ since 1987, allowing him to oversee the President’s bank accounts and sign financial paperwork on Joe’s behalf.

And, according to, Monzack may be tied to Hunter Biden’s dubious activities with Chinese energy firm CEFC, which are now part of a new criminal indictment issued on Thursday.

Monzack was not mentioned in the indictment, nor were any of Hunter’s associates.

Garrett Ziegler, founder of the Marco Polo research organization, suggested on social media that another name be added to the subpoena list because he is quietly at the core of the action – Mel Monzack.

Monzack has been described as one of Joe Biden’s “great friends.” Monzack was Biden’s Senate re-election treasurer in 2002, as well as his presidential campaign treasurer in 2008. He has given thousands of dollars to Biden’s campaigns, attended a state banquet at the White House for Chinese President Hu Jintao in 2011 while Biden was vice president, and co-founded a law company that is listed as an agent for Biden-related enterprises.

Monzack, according to Ziegler, is the Biden family’s “fixer,” with “power of attorney” and “even gets their car insurance paperwork.”

Biden in 1987 granted the lawyer authority to ‘demand, sue for, and receive all debts, moneys, securities for money, goods, chattels, or other personal property’.

“The money they refer to was funneled through the CelticCapri LLC, Joe Biden’s LLC that he supposedly used to receive speaking fees and sell his book,” Comer told Fox News. “His speaking fees and books don’t add up to what the total was he disclosed on taxes.”

Ziegler noted: “It’s not a LLC. It’s a S Corp. And Joey & Monzack made it an S Corp for several reasons.”

As revealed by corporate documents, Monzack’s legal firm serves as the registered agent for a company owned by Hunter’s business partner, which got $3 million from State Energy HK, a CEFC affiliate, in an alleged attempt to buy influence with the President.

For decades, Monzack has been Joe’s close confidante and personal attorney. He served as treasurer for his failed presidential campaign in 2008, and he is the registered agent for Joe and First Lady Jill Biden’s businesses, which have earned millions of dollars.

On Thursday, Special Counsel David Weiss charged Hunter with nine tax violations, citing payments made through Robinson Walker LLC in the indictment filed in federal court in Los Angeles.

Monzack’s possible ties to Hunter’s CEFC deal, which is presently being investigated by federal law enforcement, combined with his power over Joe’s personal finances and affairs, could make him the key to finding the president’s probable financial links to his son’s dubious offshore activities.

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The Pennsylvania-based lawyer’s close ties to Joe and Hunter’s business affairs may now make him a focus of a tenacious GOP investigation into suspected Biden family corruption. has also discovered offshore accounts related to Monzack, attendance at a Chinese state dinner, and evidence that he wired money to Hunter on Joe’s behalf, all of which have brought him closer to Congressional and federal investigations into the Biden family.

Monzack handled an offshore trust in the Cook Islands for Joe’s old law firm partner, used Joe’s accounts to transfer cash to Hunter, and was even found to have violated campaign finance regulations while working for Joe by the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

The attorney appears repeatedly in records on Hunter’s abandoned laptop, including an email indicating Monzack was invited to a White House state banquet for then-Chinese President Hu Jintao in 2011.

Monzack’s ties to the Bidens were first uncovered in a 645-page report on Hunter issued last year by the right-wing NGO Marco Polo.

‘Monzack affords Joe plausible deniability,’ said Marco Polo founder Garrett Ziegler to For nearly 40 years, he has served as Joe’s power of attorney and has handled offshore trusts. It is inexcusable that Monzack has not been subpoenaed by Congress.’

Apart from his reference in Marco Polo’s report, the president’s close friend has mostly gone unnoticed.

The Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability James Comer has issued subpoenas for depositions to Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, brother James Biden, and Biden family associate Rob Walker.

“The House Oversight Committee has followed the money and built a record of evidence revealing how Joe Biden knew, was involved, and benefited from his family’s influence peddling schemes. Now, the House Oversight Committee is going to bring in members of the Biden family and their associates to question them on this record of evidence,” Comer said.

Comer also stated that he would subpoena records related to Joe Biden’s corporation, “CelticCapri Corp,” which got over $10 million in 2017 but did not detail revenue line items.

The year 2017 is also when an FBI informant claimed Ukraine’s Burisma Holdings bribed Joe Biden with $5 million.

In a statement to the Daily Mail, Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson, who investigated Hunter’s alleged misconduct with his colleague Senator Chuck Grassley for four years, asked GOP-controlled House committees with subpoena powers to examine Monzack.

“Mr. Monzack should have first-hand knowledge of Biden family financial transactions that are central to their corrupt activities,” Johnson said. “I assume House investigators will take action to obtain his records and testimony. Unfortunately, Democrats in the Senate have turned a blind eye toward Biden family corruption that becomes more obvious with each passing day and revelation.”

By Melinda Davies
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