$50 Million Dollar DeSantis PAC ‘Ron to the Rescue’ Shuts Down, Will Now Support Trump after Campaign’s ‘Rookie Sh*t’ Mistakes

The 50 million dollar super PAC ‘Ron to the Rescue’ is shutting down as donors have backed out.

Political strategist John Thomas set up the PAC in November 2022. Thomas said of the DeSantis campaign that it had made “rookie sh*t” mistakes. Thomas also shared that he will now focus his efforts on supporting former president Donald Trump.

Collin Rugg shared the news:

“JUST IN: Governor Ron DeSantis’ $50 million super PAC is shutting down as donors are beginning to jump ship. According to the Daily Mail, the super PAC will now be backing Donald Trump after they accused the governor of making “rookie s***” mistakes. The super PAC was set up by Republican strategist John Thomas who secured massive commitments from mega donors. Thomas said he began having second thoughts after DeSantis’ ‘Twitter Spaces’ announcement back in May.

“We were hoping to do like a formal TV campaign of air support when DeSantis officially launched,’ Thomas told the Daily Mail.

“But the problem with that is with the Twitter Spaces blunder, like almost from the get-go, all of our major donors said, “let’s just see how this plays out.”

“There is one singular important thing every national presidential candidate must do on their launch day, which is provide video to give to the television stations to project optically what your vision is for the future.”

“We’re going to see after the reporting period of September 30 how Trump’s cash on hand is and then we’re going to try to determine where we can fill in gaps, if it’s needed,” he added.

“DeSantis missed, we think, the announcement window when voters were going to be receptive to a change.” WOW.”

Leo Terrell shared the Daily Mail article:

“EXCLUSIVE: Ron DeSantis $50 million super PAC CLOSES after donors were spooked by ‘rookie s*** mistakes’ | Daily Mail Online”

Many have been critical of DeSantis for how he announced his campaign. DeSantis, instead of doing a formal press announcement, decided he would announce his run on Twitter Spaces with Elon Musk.

This kick-off to his campaign seemed to be the start of his sputtering along in the race for the Republican nomination.

Thomas had many “seven and eight-figure” donors lined up to support DeSantis before the Twitter Spaces announcement.

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Many donors have stopped contributing to DeSantis’ campaign and super PACs, including hotel entrepreneur Robert Bigelow who announced he wouldn’t donate any more money to DeSantis. Bigelow has already donated $20 million.

Thomas added that DeSantis’s campaign lacked a “core message other than he’s Trump light.” This is a message that isn’t resonating with voters.

Thomas also cited agreeing to debate Califonia’s radical Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom as another mistake.

So far DeSantis hasn’t been able to gain any traction in the race and many donors have had enough.

By Liam Donovan
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