30 Years Wiped from Life Expectancy of Covid-Vaxxed

A bombshell new study has revealed that people “vaccinated” with two or more doses of Covid mRNA shots have lost a stomach-churning 30 years from their life expectancy.

New research published in the journal Microorganisms reveals that one of the health consequences of getting “vaccinated” for Covid is a 37 percent loss of life expectancy.

According to the dataset used for the study, the average age of a man is around 80 years if he’s unvaxxed.

37 percent of an 80-year-old’s life equates to 29.6 years.

This means 30-year-olds who received two or more shots can now expect to live to around 50.

The paper, called “A Critical Analysis of All-Cause Deaths during COVID-19 Vaccination in an Italian Province,” examines death rates among different groups of people, including unvaccinated, one-dose injected, two-dose injected, and three- or more-dose injected.

Those who get the most shots are the most likely to die, is the short of it.

People who get jabbed with two doses of a COVID shot – most “fully vaccinated” Americans took one of the two-dose mRNA (modRNA) injection series from either Pfizer and BioNTech or Moderna – are 137 percent more likely than the unvaccinated to die within 739 days post-jab.

“We found all-cause death risks to be even higher for those vaccinated with one and two doses compared to the unvaccinated and that the booster doses were ineffective,” the paper explains.

“We also found a slight but statistically significant loss of life expectancy for those vaccinated with 2 or 3 / 4 doses.”

If COVID injections were the only threat to society, we might stand a chance.

The problem is that all vaccine injections are linked to negative health outcomes, including those administered to pets at veterinary clinics.

A case in point is a story told by “Napoleon” (@napoleonbusch2) on X about what veterinary vaccines did to a family of puppies he and his family got about 10 years ago.

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There were six puppies and they all died of cancer about five years ago except for my George,” Napoleon wrote.

“He never had flea treatments or any vaccines.

“He’s still going strong at 15 and going for walks every day.”

This story prompted another named “Snoid” (@Snoidbergg) to reveal that vets administer the same vaccine doses to small dogs as they do to larger dogs since there are no regulations for either vaccines or food for dogs.

“Only get unvaccinated puppies,” Snoid urged.

“Avoid flea poisons and flea collars. Feed your dog a raw organ and raw meat diet for teeth and general health just as wolves did.”

Cats are usually the ones that attract fleas, though someone named “Katharina Münz Kátla Mortensen Katlyn S. Coen” (@katharina_munz) responded that her family has five cats in the house and no fleas, despite never using anti-flea treatments.

“The only time we had fleas in the house was when I was raising hedgehog orphans,” Katharina said.

“I just changed the newspaper in their cage twice every day and burnt it.

“After 3-4 days, no more fleas.”

Others wrote about how so many of their dogs died young from cancer, not just because of vaccines but also because of toxic dog food.

“Albert Bourla majored in animal meds so it makes sense,” wrote another, Bourla being the CEO of Pfizer.

“Worse – he has a Masters in goat reproduction,” responded the guy with the six puppies who died save for the one that was not vaccinated.

“In most parts of the world, goats are a pest.

“Bourla has a Masters in mammalian pest management. Let that sink in.”

Erin Elizabeth from Health Nut News joined the conversation by revealing that all of her pets have lived 20 years except for one who only lived to 19-and-a-half because she was a rescue dog who was probably older, to begin with than rescue workers thought.

“Our cats all lived 20 years,” Elizabeth added.

By Hunter Fielding
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13 days ago

We are such Lemmings!
We merely wait for the next command to destroy ourselves.
Knowing this…our government still insists we take another shot.

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